Mishti Chakraborty

Decoration tips

I always liked the  Interior wallpapers Trends, even if they were not “de rigueur”. In fact, my mother was “trendy” when she passed my child’s bedroom in Monet-Esque flowers with a accent wall of pink stripes. The wallpapers have been around for centuries, at least since the Chinese began to stick paper to rice within their walls (B.C.). Then, somewhere in the 1600s in France, the technique of block printing in a continuous model was born, and it continues to evolve towards modern trends. Now, with advances in printing, and the art of talented designers, the demand for wallpaper has reached a crescendo design.

During my travels to various markets over the past year, I have taken note of some distinct trends that are emerging and will continue to develop well in 2017 (yes, florals). I am also aware that some have a love-hate relationship with wall coverings, but the introduction of easily removable options that concern is virtually eliminated. Or choose models with which you can live for a few years. In fact, next month at Casa B. I will try to take off a Schumacher rag that has been on our walls longer than our current president has been in office. And it’s time to change. I get something very spectacular to replace it, so stay tuned to the focus. What are the interior wallpaper trends for 2017? Well… these are my predictions. For More

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