Bed room interior decoration idea

The creative axis

Decoration tips

Weather you had a splendid day or not a good night sleep to unwind and relax is something deserve, Bedroom are meant to be  the most comfortable private space one can have and we all usually design 

1) Stunning Accent Wall : Accent wall are always a great idea to a punch to add a punch to a space—Weather it is the living room or the bedroom . in bedroom the wall behind the bed is usually the one that is picked for accenting.

2) Captivating headboard : headboards are another creative way of saving the room from boredomEven if there aren't many fascinating decor elements in the bedroom, one or two, like a stunning headboard can give that much needed attention and pleasantness to the bedroom.

3) Neo lighting : How about illuminating warm neo light when bright light are turned off

4) False celling : False celling are the New ever green  décor elements to go with   

1fbf6b5778c3a39296a81ee5962c375f Headboards designs for beds