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Deepavali Festival & Ideas

Deepavali Festival & Ideas

Deepavali Tradition & Ideas for your Home
Deepavali Tradition & Ideas for your Home


India is a land of rich cultural heritage. The vast cultural diversity of India is the uniqueness of the nation. There are various festivals happening around the year in this country and Deepavali is considered to be the most popular festival. Also known as Diwali, the festival of lights brings happiness and prosperity to the lives of people. This fiesta was first celebrated when Lord Rama along with his wife Sita and brother Lakshmana returned back to their kingdom after 14 years of exile after defeating Ravana. The homecoming of Lord Rama was celebrated by the people of his kingdom with lights, dance and songs.

The event marks the victory of good over evil. Since then, Deepavali is celebrated every year in India. The festival of lights is also popular in other countries like Nepal, Sri Lanka, Australia, USA, Fiji, Mauritius and Pakistan. The Pakistani Hindus celebrates Diwali every year. There are many religions in India like Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian and all the religions come together during this event. All homes are decorated with lights, rangoli and diyas during the carnival. Diwali is the celebration of happiness and it's all about spreading smiles and good wishes for peace and prosperity of the family. For Indians, it's the most important date of the year and the whole country is lit up during this day. Wearing traditional outfit, buying sweets, burning crackers and socialising is done during this day. Exchanging of sweets between friends and relatives not only add joy but also enhances the bonding.

Deepavali or the festival of lights is an important event when of the Indians buys expensive items like cars, consumer durables and gold. Investing in gold during Diwali is considered lucky. The markets are flooded with sweets, diyas, crackers and sweets. Almost all lifestyle brands delight the customers with mouthwatering discounts and people happily buy their favorite items during this time. The renovation work for homes and offices are completed before this festival. People consider it lucky to enter a new property during this time. Deepavali is also regarded auspicious for starting any new business in India. People wait for this day to start a new business. The festival of lights brings happiness and almost all organisations in India make it a point to offer a bonus to its employees during this time. The employees also receive gifts from the employers during Diwali in North India. Diwali is all about feeling good and buying new items hence it's the best time to procure the most important items for your house at a discounted price. Brands focus on clearing their stocks during this time. During Diwali, all shops flaunt a brand new look. It's considered lucky to buy gold items during the carnival of lights. Most Indians prefer to save money whole year just to spend in gold and other expensive items during this festival. Overall the whole environment lights up during Diwali.

Indian Cinema and Deepavali

Bollywood or the Indian Cinema makes an effort to showcase the most awaited movies during this time. Diwali is the time for big-budget Indian movies and the box office goes full house. Shah Rukh Khan also known as the king of Bollywood comes up with his movies. All his movies released during the festival of lights opens up to a massive audience which consequently makes his movie make big at the box office. Diwali is the time to watch Shah Rukh khan movies with friends and relatives. Shah Rukh khan is also known as the king of Romance and Diwali being an auspicious day, his romantic movies never flop at the box office. Songs and dances are the main ingredients of Bollywood movies, the spicy Indian movies make an effort to entertain the crowd to the fullest during Deepavali. All movies released during this time get an adequate audience. People in India prefer to spend time with friends and family by watching the most awaited Bollywood movie during Diwali. If you are in India during the festival of lights, don't miss to catch the latest blockbuster.

The Fireworks and Crackers

The festival of Deepavali is all about flaunting stunning fireworks and burning crackers. The celebration starts from the evening and goes until midnight. The sky looks stunning with expensive fireworks during Diwali. From younger generation to the older ones, everybody burns at least one cracker during Diwali. It's a ritual to burn crackers during the event. Burning cracker sends away the evil from the planet and brings good luck and prosperity to the families. People in India spend millions in fireworks in Diwali. If you happen to visit India during this time, you are destined to see a different sky altogether. All the homes are properly lit up and decorated with rangolis in the walkways, floors and balconies. There's so much positivity all around. People exchange sweets and mingle during this festival.

Deepavali and Gold

Gold is the most desired item to buy during this carnival. The ever increasing price of Gold is the main reason behind investing in this item and people of India just love to buy gold during Deepavali. Most of the jewellery shops are flooded with people interested in buying gold. Even people prefer to buy cars during Deepavali.

Safety is Important

Burning crackers is a high-risk activity and children below 18 years should be accompanied by elders to prevent injuries. It's always advisable to burn fewer crackers and use more rangoli and diyas in this event. Burning crackers also cause sound pollution, hence modern India is very cautious regarding its usage. Diwali is the festival of lights hence using lights and avoiding crackers is what most Indians prefer. Wearing new outfits and visiting friends and relatives during Diwali is extremely popular. Diwali is the most popular holiday in India. The popularity of this festival has also caught the whims and fancies of Americans and Europeans. People from across the world come to witness this event. The sweet shops in India sell some of the most incredible sweets during the festival of lights.

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