Car Dealerships design ideas, inspiration & pictures

Although car dealership design comes under the broad category of commercial architecture and design, it is quite different in terms of the user experience that needs to be created. Nowadays, car dealerships are swank places that are intended to provide the customers with a memorable experience that results in them being convinced about the features as well as the after sales support they can expect when buying an automobile from the dealer. Modern car dealerships have come a long way and encompass everything from lounges, cafes with Wi-Fi and coffee bars that are designed to relax the customer.

Since car dealership design should include a completely different set of elements and features, it's advisable to hire a specialist who has experience in architectural and interior design of several car dealership buildings as they will know about the pain points as well as the crucial elements that need to be included to enhance the customer experience of the center.

What are the different design elements to consider in car dealership architecture and interior design?

Among the various aspects that one should consider when designing car showrooms are:

Location – Visibility is one of the key elements in the design of the car dealership center. In addition to having a stunning frontage, through which one can easily notice the display of cars, easy access to a highway or a main road where the customer can test drive the car are two main features that the design should include. 

Display – The way in which the cars are displayed has a significant impact on sales. Therefore, the showroom should be designed to maximize the visual impact. The main frontage is usually a double height area with floor to ceiling glass. However, environmental factors also need to be considered as having a glass frontage can affect the temperature control indoors, especially given the tropical climate in many areas of India.

Pleasant environment – Given that the solar gain due to the glass increases the temperature in the display areas, it's essential to have more comfortable customer areas that are cooler, so that the customer is not inconvenienced and can relax in a more pleasant setting when he is briefed on the details and features of the car.

Lighting – As is the case with the interior design of residential as well as commercial buildings, lighting plays a vital part in creating the desired mood. The right lighting can influence sales. Too bright and there will be too much energy in the place, preventing the customer from deciding right away. Similarly, insufficient lighting will create a dull and gloomy ambiance that hinders a positive decision from being made. 

Compliances – In addition to ensuring that the car showroom design adheres to all regulations pertaining to safety, manufacturers may have certain guidelines related to sustainability, which need to be incorporated into the design of the car dealership. With sustainable architecture gaining popularity, these measures could include reducing energy use and carbon emissions, among other factors.

Brand identity – With any car, branding plays a significant role in the interior design of the showroom. A luxury car would need a showroom that is plush and luxurious, whereas a budget family car will focus more on comfort and functionality being carried through in the car dealership design. It's crucial that the interior design of the showroom matches the brand image and identity.

Safety and security – Besides ensuring the safety of the customers through fire safety and other compliances, since cars are high-value products, the showrooms need to include security features to prevent thefts and break-ins. This could include a host of elements such as installing CCTV cameras and alarms at the right places as well as sensor activated lights or alarms systems. Additionally, since car showrooms use a large amount of glass in their facades, it's essential to ensure that the quality of the glass meets the safety and security requirements to prevent or discourage burglars. Many of these measures must be planned at the initial stage as adding them later can interfere with the aesthetic of the car dealership center.

How to identify a reliable car dealership designer?

It takes a specialist to design a car showroom that meets all the requirements of functionality and aesthetics, which is the reason it's best to consult a professional who has several car dealership design projects in his portfolio. Besides visiting car dealerships to get a feel of the design quality and the finish of the project, browsing through photographs of innovative car dealership centers that have state-of-the-art features will give you a better idea of the skill and design execution capabilities of an architect or interior designer.

On homify, we have images of car dealership products designed by professionals registered on our portal. We help to make the process of finding the right person for your project easier. You can browse through the images on the car dealership page and fill up a contact form to get a free quote from the designers whose work catches your eye.