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Best AC Solutions for a Fresh Home

Best AC Solutions for a Fresh Home

Browse through images and ideabooks of AC designs & ideas or find a professional for the best AC solution
Browse through images and ideabooks of AC designs & ideas or find a professional for the best AC solution


AC or Air Conditioner is one of the most important appliances for the house, car or office. It's difficult to survive without a proper air conditioning system in a hot and humid country. An Air Conditioner enhances the comfort level of a room by supplying cool air. India being a hot country requires AC mainly for cooling, cleaning and (de-)humidification. There are various brands of air conditioners available however, it’s always advisable to choose air conditioners that save more energy. Using air conditioning system in the house is very crucial for developing the air quality. The refrigeration cycle is utilised to achieve the cooling effect. Other techniques like free cooling or evaporation are also used sometimes to achieve cooling. Technically, air conditioning helps in modifying the condition of air. It can be cooling, cleaning, (de-)humidification and even heating.

Different Types of Air Conditioning Systems

There are various types of ACs like Window, Split or ductless Air Conditioner, Portable air conditioner and central air conditioning system. All the different varieties help to modify the quality of air by cooling. Window air conditioners are extremely popular because they are easy to install however you need to have a window for installing this type of air conditioner in your room. Mostly used for cooling one room, window AC has one single box that contains all the components like compressor, cooling coil, condenser, evaporator and expansion valve. Window air conditioners are most used in homes. Split Air Conditioner is also used in homes and offices. This type of air conditioning system is mostly installed in rooms where there are no windows. Installation of Split AC needs more time because the whole process includes drilling and fixing. It's known as Split air conditioner because this type of air conditioning machine has two units—The outdoor and the indoor units. The indoor unit in the Split air conditioning system contains evaporator and cooling fan while the outdoor unit contains expansion valve, compressor and condenser. Portable air conditioners are the other type of AC that can be used for enhancing the comfort level of your room. Portable air conditioning machine uses hose vent to discharge exhaust heat. This type of air conditioning system can be easily placed on the floor. Noise can be a problem with such ACs. Central air conditioning system is the fourth type which is mostly installed to cool bigger spaces like offices, movie halls, conference rooms, restaurants etc. Centralised air conditioning is the appropriate choice for bigger spaces because it would be impractical and expensive to install window or split ACs into big spaces. Large compressor is used in central air conditioning system. This type of AC has two units. Components like condensing fan, condenser coil and compressor are placed outside the rooms while evaporator coil and expansion valve is placed inside. Centralised Air conditioning systems are very common in bigger spaces while small offices may easily install Split ACs for comfort.

Air Conditioning for Homes

It's always advisable to buy a reputed brand of an air conditioner for saving energy and enhancing the level of comfort. Most reputed brands come with one year of warranty and also free servicing offers. It's always advisable to do regular servicing for adequate cooling. Most people don't use AC during winter but in order to keep your AC up and running, you should switch it on for minutes once or twice a week during winter too. Air conditioning systems consume lots of energy hence it's advisable to use them whenever it's required to reduce electricity cost. A nuclear family can do with one or two air conditioning machines while a joint family may need more than three ACs. The bedroom is the best place to have an air conditioning system because it's the most intimate place of your house. You need to have a good night sleep to perform well next day hence installing an air conditioning machine in your bedroom becomes very crucial especially if you are staying in a hot and humid country. There are many reputed brands that offer easy installment facilities. It's always advisable to buy them through EMI facility for balancing your budget. Usually, window AC is cheaper than Split air conditioning system. Having a window in your bedroom can be advantageous in case you are planning to buy an air conditioning system for your house. If you have no window, then you have to settle with a split variety that could cost you more. All reputed brands have a servicing division that sends engineers to your homes for installation hence you don't have to worry about anything after purchasing the right kind of AC for your house. Buying air conditioning system is an expensive affair hence you should consult a friend or an expert before procuring this consumer durable. You should ask the salesman about the benefits of the product. You should preferably see various products before choosing the right AC for your house. Do a bit of research online before procuring this product. You may get good discounts if you buy them in winter. The price of AC usually goes up during summers because of the high demand. Always get your AC from a reputed dealer for avoiding any kind of hassles in future.

Air Conditioning for Offices

Most offices use centralised air conditioning system for modifying the quality of air. A great air conditioning machine not only enhances the comfort level of the employees but also helps to increase the overall productivity. You can't imagine working in a hot and humid workplace. Your mind and body need proper comfort to work. A perfect environment is important to maintain the quality in your work and having a great air conditioning system solves this problem.

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